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Some of our favorite tricks for growing out your hair !

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The cycle is predictable: You see a cute short haircut on Pinterest and immediately head off to the salon to get it done. You love the cut at first, but one to two months later, you’re texting your friends, bemoaning your short hair and wishing it were long again.

Apply a Weekly Hair Mask

Hair masks can help restore needed moisture and oil to your hair. If you’ve been dyeing your hair or using a lot of heat, you need even more help to repair your hair’s damage.

What Are All Those Hair Products, Anyway?

Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments that you apply to your hair once a week or so. You typically leave a hair mask on for at least ten minutes. Some remain on your hair for as long as several hours or even overnight.

Adding a hair mask into your weekly hair care routine can help your hair grow longer and stronger. Even if you’re not looking to grow out your hair, hair masks can help improve your hair’s texture and strength.

Take a Hair-Boosting Supplement

Your hair isn’t just affected by the treatments you put on top of it. How you feed and care for your body affects your hair, too.

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will help your hair grow longer and healthier. You should also drink a lot of water to help stay hydrated. If you want your hair to grow super long and strong, consider taking a supplement like SugarBearHair or Viviscal. These supplements are specially formulated to give you the nutrients you need to grow your hair.

As always, you should check with a doctor before starting to take any supplement.


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