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1. Why Do People Dye Their Hair?

Like cutting bangs, dying your hair is a real time commitment. I personally think that people color their hair because it represents their personality. Also, some people get bored and need a change, and hair color is the easiest thing for them to change.

It’s a valid reason to make a change, and seems like a good idea to me. So, in summary, it is said that people dye their hair because they are somewhat desperate for a radical change and the color might fully display their personality!

2. Which Are The Reasons To Color Your Hair?

Because you need to match your skin tone. Because colouring your hair can emphasize texture and add luster to bring back your hair’s shine. Because you can choose the hair color going well with your makeup style.

Because hair color looks great in your selfie photos... A more common reason that people dye their hair, but most wouldn’t admit to, is to try to be “cool”. You might look like a way cool punk rocker or really trendy! So, about hair dye, it can be for style, it can be for looks, it can be just about anything that you want it to be!

Amore Beauty Salon | Hair salon 92677 | Nail near me Laguna Niguel

3. Do You Need Hair Coloring?

Whether you find yourself newly inspired by a celebrity's hairstyle, have always wondered what you’d look like with pink hair, or are simply jonesing for something new, changing your shade is a simple way to punch up your look. If you have the urge to do something then you should do it. If you don’t, you will forever have the itch, the longing, the yearning... Hair is no exception. If you really want to try that look you saw your favorite actress or singer sport then by all means do it!

4. Is Hair Dyeing Essential?

Are you starting to get tired of your old hair? Are you sick of always looking the same when standing in front of a mirror? Does your undyed hair look too plain for you? If so, it's time to try different things with your hair! People have varying reasons for coloring their hair.

The young can change the color of black hair with their mood, match their clothing and makeup, and fully display their personality; while the middle-aged have to blacken frequently because of the continuous growth of white hair. And what's more, hair dyeing is a great way to express your personality and creativity.

5. Dyed Hair People Need To Know This

Finding the right hair color to match with the different features of your face can be difficult. The right hair color will make your skin glow and your eyes stand out. As with any hair color change, there are some little rules you can follow that will ensure you end up with a great finish.
- Rule #1: Matching With Your Skin Tone
- Rule #2: Staying Within Your Natural Color Range
- Rule #3: Emphasizing Your Eye Color

6. How To Keep Your Colored Hair From Fading

It's refreshing to change your hair once and a while. We should get this out of the way first — you can’t stop artificial hair color from fading. Even if you use a professional, permanent hair dye (or are currently sporting natural hair), your colour will fade and become less and less vivacious the longer it lives on your scalp. Below are some tips to prevent your colored hair from quickly fading:
❖ Take lukewarm showers whenever possible.
❖ Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
❖ Wash your hair less often.
❖ Try a cuticle-sealing vinegar rinse.
❖ Stay out of the sun.
❖ Use styling products developed specifically for color-treated hair.
❖ On off days, use dry shampoo.

Amore Beauty Salon | Hair salon 92677 | Nail near me Laguna Niguel

7. Tips To Keep Your Hair Color Last Longer

If your hair color you have been obsessing over has faded much sooner than you desire, then we are here to help!
◆ Pastel colors: Pastels are often created using direct dyes, which are so temporary that salon visits will need to be every 3-4 weeks for touch ups.
◆ Blondes: Not only can natural elements (such as water, the sun, and air pollution) make your tresses brassy, but over styling and processing your hair can also leave your locks dry and prone to breakage! Some ways to keep your blonde locks looking like you've just stepped out of the salon: keep it hydrated, deep conditioning, finish your hair wash with cold water, avoid sulfates.
◆ Vivid colors: Use conditioner and cool water as much as you like and try to only use a shampoo once a week (or less).

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