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Keratin Treatment

Frizzy hair is a struggle that most women lose. For the wining, the war against frizzy hair, Keratin treatment is the salon treatment to have. It has been a famous smoothing treatment for more than ten years. It is known to deliver soft results that stay for weeks. Keratin treatment is known as the Brazilian blowout, and it can change hair from being curly to silky, straight hair. Nevertheless, the result only lasts until the hair grows out, then it will require another application in the salon.

This treatment is perfect for women with curly and frizzy hair that won’t remain still. Keratin treatment gives soft results without using flat irons and any other styling products. There are two different ways of using keratin to the hair. The essential keratin smoothing treatment delivers shine and silky hair for six months. The Brazilian blowout gives a solution which pelts the hair shaft and maintains curls for almost three months.

Scalp Treatment

Individuals who experience dry and itchy scalp may request for a scalp treatment. This service delivers a lovely feeling, and it restores the oil production in the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Scalp treatment can use for individuals with oily scalp or those with a dry, flaky scalp. Maintaining a healthy scalp is necessary to have healthy hair.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment is one of the most favoured when customers desire quick shine and close the hair cuticle. This results in soft hair that looks and smooth and well-nourished feel. The method usually needs 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the hair situation and health. The oil treatment needs to apply on the hair for about 15-20 minutes then wash out. Clients with coloured hair as well as those with dry and frizzy hair can help from this hair treatment.