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Amore Beauty Salon - Hair salon 92677 - Haircuts Laguna Niguel, CA : We are all aware of the fact of how popular the ombre technique is for your hair. Don't skip this hair trend!

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Address: 30242 Crown Valley Parkway # B3, Laguna Niguel, California 92677, United States
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Focus on Pain Points

Marketers know that to sell a product, they need to focus on “pain points”: the problems that this product will help solve. When you describe the haircut you want, you should do something similar.

Instead of focusing on the final look you want, try mentioning the hair problems you want to solve. These might be styling issues (“It takes too long to make my hair look good in the morning”) or personal preferences (“I don’t like how flat my hair looks”). Then, your stylist can recommend the right cut to help you solve those problems.

Mention Your Routine

Sometimes, the haircut you want won’t mesh well with your daily routine. If you tell your stylist exactly how you style and care for your hair each day, they can help you avoid a cut that takes more maintenance than you want to keep up with.

Bring Multiple Photos

Ultimately, visuals are still your best bet when it comes to getting the haircut you truly want.

However, make sure you bring in different photos of the same style on different people to ensure your stylist understands. Then you can back up the images with verbal descriptions of your ideal length, look, and maintenance levels.

Getting the Cut You Want Every Time

These tips will help you communicate better with a new stylist (or communicate a new cut to an old stylist), so you never have to dread getting the wrong haircut.

However, keep in mind that you’re paying a stylist for their expertise. When you describe the style you want, they might tell you that it won’t work so well with your current length, texture, or lifestyle. If this happens, trust that they know what they’re talking about!

Listen to their advice, and consider any suggestions they make for alternative cuts instead. When you and your stylist work together, you can make bad haircuts a thing of the past.


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