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Choose Your Words Carefully

These definitions will help you describe haircuts more accurately. But as someone who hasn’t devoted hundreds of hours to studying hair, you won’t be able to “talk like a hairstylist” when you’re in the stylist’s chair.

To account for this, take care with the descriptions you use, and keep in mind that you might be wrong about the definition of a cut, style, or color.

For example, even if you saw a picture on Instagram tagged #balayage, that doesn’t mean the term was used correctly. Instead of trying to use industry terms that you’re not super-familiar with, it’s a good idea to be extremely descriptive. Instead of asking for balayage, you could say, “I want highlights that look as natural as possible.”

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t familiarize yourself with the industry terms that describe what you want. Just make sure to describe the cut or style in visual terms first carefully, and then ask your stylist what that’s called. This will prevent miscommunications.

Once you ask your stylist to define a term, you’ll know exactly what to ask for next time. However, keep in mind that if you change barbers or stylists, they could have slightly different definitions of the same terms.


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