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How to Explain the Haircut You Want to Your Barber or Stylist

Few things are more exciting than visiting your barber or stylist to get a cool new haircut. But what should you do when they don’t quite seem to understand what you want?

The classic advice—“just bring a picture!”—won’t always cut it. A photo can provide a starting point, but it won’t answer all of your stylist’s questions about what you want.

If your hairstylist isn’t a mind-reader, you’ll need to learn to speak their language a little bit. Let’s delve into the tricks you can use to get what you want and prevent haircut regret.

Getting the Cut You Want Every Time

These tips will help you communicate better with a new stylist (or communicate a new cut to an old stylist), so you never have to dread getting the wrong haircut.

However, keep in mind that you’re paying a stylist for their expertise. When you describe the style you want, they might tell you that it won’t work so well with your current length, texture, or lifestyle. If this happens, trust that they know what they’re talking about!

Listen to their advice, and consider any suggestions they make for alternative cuts instead. When you and your stylist work together, you can make bad haircuts a thing of the past.


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